Monday, May 2, 2011

Top Ten Romantic Things to do in Disney World (4 of 10)

Top Ten Romantic Things to do in Disney World

4.) World Showcase at Night

Where : World Showcase is located at EPCOT. 


How : Take any Disney transportation whether, bus, monorail, or boat. 

Why : Ok I know that this seems like a no brainer but I am going to get alittle specific. I'm going to say that World Showcase at night, DURING food and wine festival is one of the most romantic things Adam and I have experienced in WDW. Between the amazing back drop of the countries, the food, wine, and occasional "eat to the beat" concerts, it can make for one amazing night!

If you're a lover of all things food, and you appreciate being able to experience new flavors of food and drink, then the Food and Wine Festival is something you must put on your "to-do" list. Adam was never into trying new foods, he was a steak and potatoes kind of guy. I, however, will try anything once and I find it a thrill to try new ethnic cuisines. I rubbed off on him in the long run and now he is a foodie like me!

World Showcase has such detail in each country that you want to be able to take your time and really enjoy what each pavilion has to offer. Instead of making an ADR at a sit down restaurant, why not head over to EPCOT right as the sun is setting and take your time along world showcase while sampling foods from around the world? There is nothing more romantic than walking hand in hand with a glass of Italian fine wine. Then end the night with bellies full, maybe even slightly buzzed, and Illuminations fireworks!

Doesn't get much better than that!

*If you'd like more information on Disney's Food and Wine Festival please check out WDW Info 



  1. It's amazing how different the feeling is in the countries at night - almost more realistic because it's harder to see the rest of EPCOT and such. We'll be there this October during food and wine and might try give it a try :)

  2. You're absolutely right! When will you be there in October? You definitely should try it! :)

  3. Ugh, I would KILL to go during F&W!! =[ It's going to be our anniversary on 10/6 though.. so maybe we'll have to have a joint couple anniversary trip some year! ;D And then we can all enjoy it together.

    But the countries at night are amazing <2