Thursday, August 4, 2011


Good Morning!!!

I have some quick updates before I head into work today. First the adventures in real estate update!...

So the house that we found that we really wanted didn't work out... BUT it didn't work out in a good way. I'm taking it as a learning experience and moving on. The fact that it didn't work out gave me and Adam some much needed time to think about what we really want in our next house (which will be the house that we are staying in for a long time) and it has made us realize that this new adventure in real estate doesn't need to be so full of anxiety. So where am I going with all of this? Well Adam and I have decided that we are going to build our next house... Not find a house that a builder has bought the lot and started building on already and get a realtor involved and all that mess. We are going to find a lot of land that we like and we picked out. Adam is an electrician and he has done tons of networking... he was talking to an older friend of his about this whole situation and apparently his nephew builds homes for a living. He told Adam and if he wants he can do all the electrical himself, which would save us a TON of money, and that because he is a friend of his uncle he would give us a deal. He told Adam that he would love to set up a meeting for us all to sit down and discuss everything. Of course this lead to me running out to Home Depot and buying a book of house plans and picking out about twenty that I LOVE! hahaha.

The plan for right now is this... We will start looking for pieces of land in the towns that we wanted to be in. Once we find the one we want we'll buy it. Then once our house goes Under Agreement we'll tell the builder to start building. If we close on this house earlier than our new house is finished then we'll rent an apartment as a tenant at will or maybe even stay with some family BUT atleast we'll know we have a home almost ready for us and that its the home WE picked, and WE want to be in for a long time.

Ok now on to the Disney trip updates! I booked our flights!!! YAHOO!!! We will be leaving out of manchester airport in NH which is an awesome airport. Its very small and cute. It is never crazy busy like Logan Airport in Boston, so i'm kind of happy about that. We are leaving early in the morning and we'll be arriving at MCO a 9:50am. I'm so happy that we got an early enough flight that we can go enjoy the parks by noon time! Oh and I have a question... we are flying southwest and I know they do the whole A,B,C thing... How early can you check in? I really want to make sure I get either A or and early B. Is it a full 24 hours before the flight?

I also booked one more treat on the cruise for Adam and myself. I was looking on the Disney Cruise Line website to see if I could find a special something to do for our anniversary. I know Adam isn't into the whole spa thing and the idea of getting a message freaks him out. (men!) I was looking at the spa treatments just for fun when I came across the Exotic Rasul... Really they should change the name to Erotic Rasul but i think where its Disney they want to keep it PG! I started researching it on Disney community boards and I knew this would be so fun for us and booked it!!! So what is Exotic (Erotic) Rasul?... Well you and your significant other go to the spa and check in. They bring you to a room where you are given robes and you either undress fully or leave on your bathing suit. When you're done undressing a Disney Spa Cast Member will bring you to your private steam room/shower. They take you inside and show you how to use the steam room and shower and then they show you all the products you can use. There is mud, Aroma therapy oils, Lotions, you name it! Then the attendant leaves you alone and says "I'll see you in an hour!"..... I'll let your imagination do the rest! hahaha

I see this spa treatment as being fun, relaxing, even a little sexy... But I also see it as a great way for two love birds to have a spa treatment that gets both people involved in a very intimate way. What better way to celebrate an anniversary??? Adam does not know about this little surprise. I can't wait for him to find out!

Well my quick update turned into a long one! lol sorry about that! If anyone has any advice on home building, Southwest airlines, or Exotic Rasul please leave me comments!



  1. Love the update! I'm so glad things worked out for the best for you guys :) The spa thing sounds fun on the cruise. Sorry I can't help you with the Southwest thing...

  2. Hi there! I highly recommend the Rasul! I surprised my fiancé with this on our cruise last April. The scrubs and lotions are really nice, and its fun to be in the private room. ;)