Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 3 - Food, Wine, and De-vine??? (part 1)

Day 3 (September 29th) started with what else?... FOOD! Adam and I are BIG fans of BOMA Flavors Africa restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. We've had dinner there twice so far and love it! When planning this trip Adam found out that BOMA did a breakfast and he really wanted to try it. Our reservation that morning was for 8:30am. We were up and ready to go early and caught the first bus over to Animal Kingdom, and then to the lodge.

Since we arrived slightly early we thought it would be sweet to get some pictures on the bridge over the lobby. This is where Adam and I first saw each other the day of our wedding. It was very surreal to be back there a year later.
(October 2nd 2010)

(September 29th 2011)

yea we don't look completely exhausted! After pictures we checked in at BOMA and were seated pretty quickly. We had a very nice waiter who was from Casablanca... seriously! Don't ask me what his name was but I remember where he was from because how cool!? Breakfast was absolutely delicious. They had this scrambled egg dish that had goat cheese and chives in it... i went up for seconds of that! We tried a bit of everything and we loved most of it! Not going to lie there were a few things that were alittle too authentic but for the most part we stuffed ourselves silly. If you're a fan of BOMA's dinner menu I highly recommend you try their breakfast. Oh and did I mention that the famed Zebra Domes also make an appearance for breakfast?? Zebra Domes = <3

After breakfast and some walking around the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby for some nostalgia it was back to the buses to head to Animal Kingdom park. I know everyone says this but seriously could that park be any hotter?! its like the second you walk through the turnstiles the temperature goes up 20 degrees! Any way... our standing tradition at Animal Kingdom is to go right to the Kilimanjaro Safari and get a fast pass, then head over to Expedition Everest. Like always this worked out great! We grabbed our safari fast pass and went right over to everest. The stand by line for everest was only 20mins but I never mind it. There is so much to see and read about in that queue that half the time I wish I was there longer!

Expedition Everest kicked butt as usual... although I wish they would fix the yeti!!! After Everest it was time to use our safari fast pass. I love how it is a totally different experience every time you ride it. On  this safari we got some really good pictures of rhinos and the elephants... especially the little baby elephant! :)

See the little baby!! So cute!!

After the safari we started walking through the Maharaja (sp?) Jungle trek. I love walking through here too. All the up close and personal animal areas and the cast members on hand to answer any questions you have about the animals is great! We were in there for about an hour! 

It was so hot and we were still so tired from lack of sleep that we though it would be best to head to the exit and back to Wilderness lodge for a quick dip in the pool, and shower to perk ourselves up before EPCOT. On the way out we saw a group of people gathered looking at a tree...???.... NOPE it was De-vine!!! I was so excited! I grabbed my camera and start snapping away. I've heard about De-vine many times but every time we go to Animal Kingdom I never get to see her. This was such an awesome moment! She was simply breathtaking. Adam and I watched her for quite a while before she moved on through the trees.

Side view... see her profile?

Best picture ever!

Our journey back to the Wilderness lodge was uneventful and luckily there was a wilderness lodge bus pulling in as we got to the bus depot. The air conditioning felt soooo gooooood!

This turned into another long post! ha! I think i'm going to keep posting my days in two parts so that its not too over whelming for both me to type and you to read! ;) Hope you enjoyed Day 3 part 1!


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