Monday, November 28, 2011

Food, Wine, and De-vine??? (Part 2)

After we arrived at the Wilderness Lodge we were so hot from Animal Kingdom that we decided to take a dip in the pool. We stopped in at the roaring fork and bought a pizza to snack on and a couple of beers. The main pool was pretty packed so we walked over to the villas pool. (don't worry we were villas guests, I wasn't stealing the villas pool) It was much quieter and other than one other family we were the only other people in the pool.

After the dip in the pool and a quick shower we were off to EPCOT for the food and wine festival. I must say... A dip in the pool followed by a mid-afternoon shower and costume change really helped reenergize us.  The first attraction we always do when we get to EPCOT is spaceship earth. It is so nostalgic and it always gets me in that EPCOT mood. :)

After Spaceship earth I got a Direct message on twitter from the always sweet Nicole. I met Nicole through the Disney Driven Life and her blog NjoyLife is one of my favorites. I met up with her at Test track and it was like seeing an old friend! She was totally sweet and walking around world showcase with her was so fun. It was a brief meeting but an awesome one.

After we said good bye to Nicole it was time to get our food and drink on! we headed back to the beginning of world showcase to Mexico. Now you'll have to forgive me... I didn't write down everything we ate and drank.. Even if I did I think that the amount of drink we consumed would've led to us forgetting to write it down anyway. Just know that we started in mexico, and ended with Greece. We went all the way around!

After world showcase kicked out butts it was time to hit up a couple future world rides. One thing i can't stand about going to WDW in the fall is the short park hours! I completely forgot that future world closes at 7pm. Luckily we made it to the last showing of Captain EO that night... we literally ran in as the women was closing the doors! No matter how old this is I still Love it! As a huge michael fan and someone who grew up in the 80s I thoroughly enjoy this attraction. 

After EO we moonwalked our way over to the Seas with Nemo. Normally we spend a long time in the aquarium area after exiting the clam mobiles. However Adam was not feeling all that well so I did a quick walk through and then we were out of there. We had one more must do and that was test track. The stand by queue was only a 20min wait so we jumped in line. Half way through the line i felt myself fading and Adam was looking alittle pale. Test track was awesome as usual, but once we got out of the building we were headed right to the buses. I was really sad that we didn't stay until Illuminations but knowing we were leaving for the cruise the next day I didn't want to risk either of us being off of our game. 

Good night EPCOT... until next time!

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