Wednesday, March 23, 2011

24 Hours and Counting! (Part 2)

We left off with me and the boys heading back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We got off of the bus and went into the Animal Kingdom Lodge's gift shop right off of the lobby to grab a few things. I have to share these next pictures so you can understand just how funny these boys are. Seriously we weren't even in the gift shop long and this is what I find


Captain Jack or Captain Morgan???

We went our separate ways to our rooms, took a little rest and then started to get ready for the "welcome dinner" at BOMA : flavors of Africa.


Adam and I were the first to arrive to the BOMA hostess desk. We let the hostess know that we were early for our reservation but that the rest of the part should be filtering in. We got our buzzer and took a seat. My dad and Nancy were first to arrive. They had actually already been at the resort for a while, they wanted to check it out and they were loving the atmosphere of the Animal Kingdom Lodge! Adam's parents and brothers were the next to arrive with Auntie C following close behind. The buzzer started vibrating and blinking so we went to be seated. I let the hostess know that we were still waiting for 6 more people but that they should be showing up shortly.

We were brought to a table right near the buffet and I think I noticed a few people drooling as they scanned all the food selections. My sister Tori was the first of the missing to arrive. I asked her where everyone else was and she alerted me that Auntie A and my cousins would not be attending the dinner and that my mom and other sister Jacqui would be down shortly. I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't upset that Auntie A and my cousins weren't attending the dinner but I guess the pull of the Magic Kingdom trumped the "welcome dinner"... I can't say I blame them. After my thirty second inner bridezilla moment, I was back to being happy again.

Everyone was LOVING the food! Adam and I had eaten there on our last trip in 2008 and we fell in love. The African cuisine and the friendly staff make this one of our favorite places to eat when in WDW. The waitress took the large group of us in stride and was super attentive to all of our needs. If you've never eaten here, DO IT! Don't let the African menu scare you! I'll be sure to do a formal review of BOMA once I'm done with the wedding recap!

Towards the end of the dinner the waitress came over with an awesome plate of desserts for us with hearts and mickey candy confetti and hearts written in raspberry frosting! I was so excited!!


We finished up with dinner and said good night to Adam's parents and to Dad and Nancy. The rest of us headed up to our rooms to change into comfy clothes. The plan that night was for Adam and I to go different ways and he would spend the night in his brothers room. We wouldn't be seeing each other until our first look before the ceremony. This made me panic! I haven't been without Adam in a VERY long time. We've lived together for three years and I'm just very use to him being there with me. He's also my security in a way, when I'm feeling nervous or stressed out just being in his presence makes me feel better. I really could've used him that night but I understand the tradition of it and I decided that it would be best that we do it this way.

Adam got a text message from our friends MD & ML. They had arrived and were waiting for a cab to bring them from their resort to ours!(I have not asked them if it would be ok to use their names so for now they will stay MD & ML lol) Adam and MD used to work together at the same company. They started hanging out after work and became fast friends. MD's girlfriend, ML, is awesome and she and I became friends even faster! They saved up enough money and decided they needed to be here with us for our wedding and we were so happy to have them!

Adam, his brothers, my sisters, and I all headed down to the lobby to wait for MD and ML. When they arrived we gave them a quick tour and then it was time to separate. I gave Adam one more teary kiss before the boys headed to Down Town Disney and ML, my sisters, and I headed down to the pool bar to talk girl stuff! It was nice to sit by the pool and have some relaxing time with the girls. We had everything figured out for the next morning and the few Whiskey Sours I drank really mellowed me out! After the pool bar closed we headed back to the room and took all the dresses out of their garment bags and hung them up to be steamed early the next morning.

Ignore the terrible quality I took this with my phone.

It was getting pretty late and ML told MD to meet her back at the Animal Kingdom Lodge so they could take a cab back to their resort. The boys had other plans and weren't coming back to the resort anytime soon. I threw ML some PJ's and my sisters opened up the pull out bed and we all got comfy. I felt like I was 13 at a slumber party. It was almost symbolic, I was going from a young girl dreaming about my wedding day at a slumber party to actually being the girl having her dream wedding the next day.

There was a knock on our room door and it was MD taking ML back to their resort. I looked at the clock and it was 1:12am (I'll never forget that time for some reason) I couldn't sleep at all after she left. My sisters were out like lights and I had nobody to talk to. I wanted to talk to Adam so bad and I actually contemplated going to the boys room, but I thought better of it and stayed where I was. I tossed and turned most of the night until it said 5:30am on the clock and I decided to get up and get into the shower... It was my WEDDING DAY!!!!!

I've Decided that I will be doing vendor reviews before we get into the wedding day events. I think that it is important to give all of these vendors the recognition they deserve for making our wedding truely magical.

The wedding day blog posts will be broken down into four parts, Pre Ceremony, Ceremony, the Inbetween time, and the grand finally will be the reception. I have so many pictures to share and little bits of wedding magic that I dont want to forget anything. I'm going to work as hard as I can on these next blog posts, so if I don't post for a day or two its not because I am being lazy, i'm just being extra anal! :)


  1. Eeeee!! I love it!! Can't wait to read about the day! :)

  2. I'm excited to write about it! I promise to work on it :0)