Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!!! :)

Wow it is has been a crazy 6 months! I know I am a terrible blogger and should be banned from ever blogging again but let me explain myself… When I started my blog I was right in the middle of wedding planning. The whole point to my blog was to have somewhere to share my thoughts, plans, and general experience with wedding planning and life in general. I wanted the whole experience to be as positive as I could make it for not only myself but for my husband. As the wedding grew closer and closer a few rather large bumps and road blocks came our way. We still had the most amazing wedding and honeymoon in the whole world, its just that for a short period of time the stress of the day was becoming too much. I was afraid that had I been blogging about it I would annoy any readers I’d had (I mean who wants to listen to a whiny bride) and that by writing it all down after the fact would get me even more upset. I vowed to stop blogging for a short while and then return to blogging once things were back to being positive. However I sort of let life get in the way of what I loved doing and I’m not going to let that happen again!

So here is what I’m thinking. I’m going to update you all on all things wedding related and then I’m going to continue blogging about our lives as newlyweds and about all the other things I love in life! The title of my blog was never only about my Disney wedding being my fairy tale but about making my entire life my fairy tale. Let’s face it… you only live once so why shouldn’t it be? I’m going to be working diligently on this I PROMISE!

Here are the highlights on what to expect in my new posts:

A total recap on the wedding and honeymoon

Our next Disney vacation

My own personal reviews on all kinds of things (books, resorts, movies, restaurants ect)

Possible Real Estate venture

Being a working housewife

My new obsession with the DDL

My reactivated obsession with twitter ( my twitter handle btw is Katiez2b - follow me!!! )

Again I am so sorry for not keeping up with “Making my fairy tale” but I promise not to disappoint this time! I have always been happy when I was writing and I’m going to keep myself focused on doing what I love!

-Katie Z

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