Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting there is half the fun.... right?

Before I begin let me first post this little disclaimer, I might be vague in my story telling. I tried as hard as I could to take TONS of pictures and remember all that I could during our Disney wedding adventure. Ok, Disclaimer out of the way, let's begin shall we?

Sept. 29th, 2010

Travel DAY!

I have to admit that I was more worried about the traveling than the actual wedding day. Would I be allowed on the plane with my dress? What if the airline lost our luggage? What if I forgot the marriage license? I am a complete neurotic on a daily basis, but with everything going on my neurosis was kicked into high gear. Our flight was leaving at 6am from Logan Airport. We were going to be traveling with Adam's parents, his two brothers, and my aunt Catherine. We live about 15 mins from my Aunt and about 40 Mins from his parents and brothers. Our plan was to leave our house at 3:15am, Pick up Auntie, and then head to pick up Adam's family at their house. We had called ahead and had a large van coming to pick us up at 4am at Adam's parents house and bring us to the airport. Adam had class the night before until 9pm so we decided that while he was at school I'd go over all the luggage and make sure we had everything, and then when he got home we'd pull an all nighter.

-All Packed and ready to go!

We watched the entire first season of the Golden Girls (our favorite show) and at 2:45 we started to load up the truck. We said a very tearful good bye to the pups (and by tearful I mean I was sobbing like a baby) and then headed to pick up Auntie Catherine. We pulled up to her condo complex and she was already sitting outside with all her luggae! She was up and ready to go! Auntie Catherine handed us two Disney refillable mugs that she had bought on another trip to WDW. I was so happy that someone else was as excited as I was. :) We loaded up all of her luggage, which left little room in the back of my truck, and we headed down to our last stop.
We pulled up to Adam's parents house and the van was already there waiting for us. We transfered everything from our truck to the van and everyone piled into the van. We were at the airport in no time! We got to the Jetblue check in desk by 4:15 in the morning.
-Good morning Jet blue!

After checking in and getting our boarding passes we were headed to security. I was on the verge of having a mjor panic attack... were they going to let me go through with this GIANT garment bag with a rather large dress stuffed in it?!....


YES THEY DID! not only did I get through security but the TSA women working the X-ray machine said she loved what she could through the scanner and had a bunch of the TSA workers say congratulations to Adam and I! :) We found our gate and we all got settled. We sent the boys to go get us coffee and a quick breakfast snack at the Dunkin Doughnuts kiosk, they were gone 25 mins the line was THAT long, and we waited for boarding. Once boarding started I was begining to feel paniced again... where was I going to put the dress? But just like security, it went off without a hitch! A nice flight attendant helped me find the perfect place for it in the overhead bin and I was finally put at ease!

Ready to take off!

The flight went by quick! Before we knew it we were looking at palm trees and waiting in line for the Magical Express!

Excuse the lack of make-up and how tired we all look... keep in mind we were upPhotobucket
ALL night! The women behind us is Aunite Catherine, and the goof ball waving on his cell phone is Adam's brother Jared. we sat back and enjoyed the fact that we'd made it (most of the way) and watched the Magical Express video. It always gets me pumped!

Before we knew it this little sign popped up!

We dropped off some other guests at POP century and then we were headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge!!! WOOHOO! Adam and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this resort during our last stay and I was super excited to be back there again! When we finally got off of the bus I couldn't stop smiling. I told the boys to go relax on the couches in the lobby and that Auntie Catherine and I would handle check in. As I walked up to the next available cast member the first thing she said to me was "I saw you walking in all the way from the front door... you haven't stopped smiling!" I laughed and told her that we were getting married in two days. She could've guessed by the dress but I felt the needed to tell her incase she didn't put two and two together. She took our luggage and that heavy dress off of our hands and told me that our rooms weren't ready yet but to go enjoy the pool for a bit and that we'd recieve a text message with our room number once it was ready.

While we waited we got a phone call from my Dad who took a different flight and he had made it and was checking in at the All Star Movies resort. He was very excited that he was in the Herbie the Love Bug area of the resort. hahaha gotta love dad! We also got a call from my sisters that they arrived with my mum and my other aunt. They were still at the airport waiting for the Magical Express but it was good to know that most of our guests were arriving on time and with out any fuss!

We got a text that our room was ready and headed up to our room. It was a pool view room and I loved it!


Most people would be put off that we couldn't see animals from our balcony but Adam and I did the Savannah view rooms on our last trip and it didn't bother me to go out to one of the MANY look out points to check out the animals. Plus at night the pool is so serene and lovely!

Adam got a text from his brothers that they got their room number text and that they were just down the hall so he went to go check on them. I put on the TV and watch the typical Disney TV programing that they have on a loop so its the same thing over and over again but hey I love it! I started to nod off when I heard a knock on the door. Adam's room key wasn't working. ?? We tried mine and it worked but for some reason his wasn't activated so he headed back to the front desk to get a new one. This is where we got our first little bit of "pixie dust" on our trip. For those of you who don't know "pixie dust" refers to any kind of something special that Disney does for one of its guests as a surprise. Adam came back into the room using a new key and in his hand were half a dozen roses!!! The front desk said that they wanted to give the Bride and Groom to be something pretty for the room! I was squealing like a little girl!!!
I put a few out to take a quick picture :)

At this point it was only 12 O'Clock but we were completely beat! So we decided to take a nap before we headed for our dinner reservation at JIKO.

I'm going to stop here because seriously between the all nighter, the travel, plus all the excitement when we woke up from this nap it felt like a different day. I also want to make sure I keep your interest so I'm thinking that inbetween wedding/honeymoon coverage I can do little posts. I'm going to think about it some more before I decide what I'm going to post next but I hope you all enjoyed this one!

-Katie Z


  1. Yay! I'm so glad your doing a report! Can't wait to read more!!

  2. Thanks! I've been missing blogging and I started an adventure in scrap booking which got me missing the wedding. I'm so excited to be reliving it!:)

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and I'm loving it! So excited to read your report! I hope to someday (I'm not engaged yet!) have a Disney wedding :)

  4. I'm glad you found me! :)
    Disney weddings are awesome! The planners are amazing and go out of their way to make you feel special on your wedding day.
    Hope you enjoy my recap of the wedding!