Monday, March 21, 2011

Its snowing AGAIN!

Happy Monday night!

Its days like this when I wish I was living in Florida, or any southern state for that matter. Not even kidding last Friday we had 68 degree weather and the four feet of snow that we had lying around from the numerous snow storms we had this winter had finally melted. It was so nice to see my lawn again! But that was three days ago... today we are only 30 degrees and have had a mix of snow and rain. Grrrr! New England weather constantly likes to mock me I'm convinced!

Any who I've been writing down all my fun blogging ideas in my "blogging ideas notebook" (Yup! I have a notebook dedicated to my blog) and like I said in my last post, I don't remember every detail of my wedding and honeymoon trip. I've tried to remember anything I could and write it down so I don't forget to include it in my posts. What I've noticed is that the day before the wedding, the wedding day, and the day after, are all really embedded in my brain and I think that is because, one of the days was our wedding day obviously, and the other days we were surrounded by our family and friends. Once they left and it was just Adam and I on our honeymoon we didn't do a whole lot. Not in a bad way it was just that we kind of took our time in the parks and enjoyed the dining reservations and the resorts. We weren't the normal WDW guests that were at the park for rope drop or running here there and everywhere to make sure we did everything. So I don't think its that I can't remember anything its more like we didn't do much! hahahaha

The one thing that our honeymoon did revolve itself around and what I do remember was the dining reservations. Adam and I are foodies, plain and simple. We both love to cook, and we love to try new things. Up here in New Hampshire we are somewhat limited to the chains (the 99, applebees, ect.) or seafood because we're on the beach. If you're ever in our area I can give you some awesome places to try out! So when we go to WDW we go all out! We make ADR's at the 180 day mark and we savor every second of the experience. I remember almost every detail of the dinners and what happened shortly before and shortly after.

So where am I going with this?... Ok, I have quite a bit of pictures. Some of them I'm not sure which day they came from but I have them. I also have pictures from most of the places we ate at. I'm thinking that after I post about the wedding and the craziness that ensued the day after the wedding I'll just post pictures of the different restaurants and give my review, Any of the other pictures I have, whether of rides or just funny pictures of Adam and myself I'll post with little bits of commentary :)

For example:

This is Adam the day after the wedding. Half way around the world showcase and half in the wrapper (gotta love the F&W festival) Notice how he is pointing to his "just married button with a look of utter discontent.

Here we have Adam in the same pose only this time with a smile on his face! Good Disney Husband!

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