Saturday, June 11, 2011


So in my last post I said I was going to be getting my passport... didn't happen. I was (and still am) extremely frustrated. I printed out the forms, had both of our IDs and birth certificates and I looked up where we could apply for them. I thought I was neurotically prepared enough that this would be quick and painless.... how wrong I was.

Adam got home from work and we filled our forms and made copies of our licenses and headed to the post office in the next town over. I checked to make sure we could have our photos done and apply there. I also checked their hours of operation and they were open until 5. We arrived, excited and ready to get our ticket to travel. It was 3:30 and the man at the desk said "oh we only do passports until 3" WHAT!! I said I checked the website but he didn't care, he wasn't doing it. Fine!

We got in the truck and looked on our phones for another location. The closest was 20 mins away... I called to make sure they were open and that we could apply for them and they said yes so on we went.

As we got closer the weather turned terrible.... we had down pours and crazy lightening. So much for my beautiful hair and make up I had for the picture. We ran in and handed over all of our paper work. I thought everything was fine when the clerk said "I can't accept this"......::turns bright red::..... why not?!?! Apparently the birth certificates we had with the state seal and legal documentation on it is not valid. I guess the certificate was good enough for my marriage license and my drivers license applications but not for my passport.

The problem with this is that Adam and I not longer live in our home state. So now we have to make phone calls to town halls and have them mail us this insanely long birth certificate. So we are with out passports for at least another week. I was so upset because I thought I was doing the right thing and that this would be somewhat easy... I guess not!

Has anyone else ever had this problem?? Why the need for the extra long version of a birth certificate? Is this new? Why was my small one from town hall good enough two years ago but not now??

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  1. I've never heard of that :( Sorry it seems to be taking so long to get something that seems so simple.

  2. It's ok... I contacted the town hall where I was born and they said I have to write them a written request, send in the $15 fee and a return envelope with a stamp on it and then they will send it to me right away. Hopefully once I get it sent to me the process will be much simpler :)