Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sitting in town hall

Hey guys,

So I'm sitting at town hall waiting to talk to "the passport guy" and hopefully get this done! Like literally I'm right now in a moth ball smelling old town hall. There is family with 3 kids under the age of 5 here trying to do passports for the little ones and its taking for ever because they don't want their pictures taken and are running a muck around the building... Lovely.

So this is as good a time as any to tell you about what excursions we picked. So for key west we decided on doing the conch train tour and visit the key west aquarium. I found a package deal on their website and it was pretty reasonably priced and its on about 3 hours long. After we check out those out we will probably walk around, hit some bars, act until its time to dock.

For grand Cayman we want to go to boatswaine! I love turtles and I'm psyched with all they have to offer there. I went on to the parks official website and their pricing was cheaper than booking through Disney and they provide the transportation. I figure that's a win win situation!

For cozumel we want to do the XRail off road to the jade caverns excursion. I am so excited about this one! It looks so fun and cool!!! I watched a YouTube video on it and the caverns are incredible.

For castaway cay we are going to just relaxxxx.... I showed Adam the adults only beach and I think that's where we will be alllll dayyyyy :)

Alright well the "passport guy" should be almost ready for us... I'll update you when we leave!


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  1. Hopefully you were finally able to get your passport!!