Sunday, June 5, 2011

Important Announcement

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been around. It makes me sad that I haven't been blogging on here lately. I do have alot to discuss with all of you! Let's start with why I haven't been blogging lately. I started my new job! It's a great job! I am now the Accounts Manager for a dental office. I'm still adjusting to my new routine and schedule, but I'm finally feeling like I'm getting the hang of it. So I will be blogging much more...Promise :)

I had another amazing opportunity come my way this past week.... You are now looking at the Disney Weddings and Honeymoon blogger for the   ::Does happy dance around the room::   I have loved the DDL and their Podcast Inner Mouse to pieces! It is an honor to be writing for them and I am extremely excited about it. This does change how I am going to continue "Making My Fairy Tale."

I feel that writing about being a Disney bride, Disney weddings, and Disney honeymoons will be better on the DDL website than on here. I'll be able to reach a wider audience and I'll be able to keep "Making My Fairy Tale" as a more personal blog. This seems like the right path for me, and for the blogs, and for where I'm at in life right now. 

Will be posting about lots of things for our next Disney trip and preparing for our first Disney Cruise this week! :) 




  1. So glad the new job's going well!!!

    We're also thrilled to have you on board at the DDL!!