Thursday, June 9, 2011

A traveling we will go!

Good Morning Everyone!

I thought I'd be able to sleep in today, seeing that it's my day off, but sadly the pups had me up bright and early... Seriously I think they are worse than kids sometimes! Since I'm up I figured this would be as good a time as any to write about what Adam and I will be doing today. Today is the day we finally go apply for our passports!


This is long overdue and it is so stupid that we've gotten them before. To be honest we've never needed them! All our vacations have either been to Disney World or to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I'm rather excited to get our passports. To me it means we are unlocking a door to so many new travel experiences. We've been talking about how if we like cruising we'd love to continue cruising with Disney and go to different ports of call and visit new places. Whenever we've talked about it there has been a dark cloud of not having our passports always hanging over me. But not any more!

So while Adam is at work today I'm going to print out the application forms, gather all the paperwork we'd need, and look on for some cute passport book holders like this...

I'm also going to grab the cruise information we have so far and start looking at the excursions again. On the 75th day before the cruise I can make all the excursion plans and reservations for Palo..... Me being a neurotic planner, I need to have everything ready to go so on that 75th day I can call Disney Cruise Line and get it all done! Think I'll scare Adam if I make up an itinerary spread sheet???

Alright it's time for me to get out of bed, do my house work, and enjoy today! Have a great day everyone! Oh, and if you have any helpful hints or advice on applying for passports please let me know! :)


Only 111 days until WDW and our Cruise!


  1. Yay for getting passports! We don't have them either honestly. I've thought about it a couple of times but we've never needed them either so I never actually went to get them.

    Good luck with the planning :)

  2. Yeah! I have a passport but I got it before we got married so I have to apply for a whole new one (it's too old to just do an update) and DH has never had one. Thankfully our cruise isn't for another 17 months so we have some time. But I totally agree that once you have a passport it opens up (literally) a whole world of travel opportunities. I really want to go to Tokyo Disney and do some overseas Adventures By Disney trips.

    I bet you guys will love cruising (I know I do) and you'll be glad you have those passports.