Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Warm and fuzzies!

Hey guys!

I've done tons of online shopping and experimenting with different cookie recipes! The holiday warm and fuzzies are in full swing! Last week we talked about how sending out Christmas cards gave me the warm and fuzzies. Tonight we're going to talk about O' Christmas tree!

Normally Adam and I have always gotten real trees. Last year we got a lovely tree, it was one of our biggest yet and I was totally in love with it. However my loving puppies kept drinking the water from the tree stand and whenever they bumped into it TONS of the needles would fall off. I tried to convince Adam to get a real tree again this year but he was pretty adamant that he didn't want to deal with the hassle again. I looked online at some department store websites and all of the fake trees were so expensive! I brought this to Adam's attention and I suggested that maybe get one last real tree and then right after Christmas when all of the fake trees go on sale we'll get one for Christmas 2012. Which he agreed too.

On black Friday we decided we would go get out Christmas tree. On the way out the door Adam asked if we could stop at Home Depot so that he could buy a new drill set that was at an awesome price. FINE! ugh men! We get to Home Depot and right at the entrance is a beautiful fake tree that was originally $150 for only $49.99 on black Friday only! There were only 5 left and we decided we would snatch it.

We got it home, turned on the Christmas Pandora station and got out the decorations. Every year since Adam and I have been together, we've LOVED decorating the tree together. Something about working together to make the tree as beautiful and festive as possible gives me.... the Warm and Fuzzies!!

Without further ado... here is our tree!

I love how the tree has some fake holly on it... Really adds a special touch!

Got to have some sparkley ornaments!!

What would out Christmas tree be without some Disney??

And here is the whole tree both with and without flash! 

How do you decorate your tree?? 

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