Saturday, April 2, 2011

In between Time Cont.

After the husband and wife pictures Adam and I headed back to Animal Kingdom Lodge to go take a breather and to exchange wedding gifts.  It was so nice to just be alone without anybody around. We told each other stories about what our nights were like without each other, and what it was like this morning getting ready. It was really nice to just get it all out there and decompress after all the non-stop action.

We got a text from Jared saying that my dad, his girlfriend, MD and ML, Adams parents, and his brothers were all at the bar of the Lodge.  They wanted us to come down when we were done exchanging gifts for a quick drink before heading to the reception. We were so glad that everyone was enjoying the resort and hanging out together! :)

We headed up to our room and it was time for Adam to start his wedding day scavenger hunt.  I made little cards with clues on them and hid them around the room. Adam had no clue that his wedding gift was an anniversary Disney cruise! :) So seeing as I didn't have anything to wrap I thought a scavenger hunt was a fun idea! Using a craft that ML taught me, I made the last clue look like a treasure map! I took a piece of plain white paper and wrote "ARRR.... we be going to the Caribbean Matey!" in big letters. I took a tea bag and wet it so it was damp and ran the tea bag all over the paper and let it dry. The paper turned an antique color and looked distressed which was awesome! After it dried I took a lighter and burned the edges so that it looked like a pirate map. Then I rolled it up and tied it shut with twine. It looked awesome!

Adam started his hunt and was completely confused! When he finally got to the end and found the "treasure map" he unrolled it, read it and I think he almost died! I handed him the print out of the itinerary and he was psyched! I wish I'd thought to take pictures but we'd taken so many already that the thought of taking more killed me.

Then it was my turn! Adam handed me a box that was tied up with pretty green ribbon. I opened it up and it was a beautiful necklace. The charm on it was a silver circle that had our names and wedding date engraved on it. Hanging in the middle of the circle were my birthstone, Adam's birthstone, and then October's birthstone. It was beautiful! I loved it so much I put it right on to wear it at the ceremony.

We checked the time and we had about 45 mins before the vans were picking everyone up to go to the reception. I made Adam tie up the bustle to my dress (took him forever!) and then I threw on my white flip flops because my feet were killing me!! And we went down to the bar.

I was so happy to see that our families took over the bar and were laughing and having a great time! They were all sitting together and chatting away. MD got Adam and I drinks and we all caught up on whats been going on while we were taking pictures. My mom, Auntie A, Auntie C, and my sisters were up in their rooms hanging out and they would meet us at the vans. It was funny seeing people staring at us all in formal wear and me in my wedding gown. I looked alittle out of place in a bar! hahaha

Before we knew it we had to get to the lobby. Right on schedule the vans were there waiting for us! It was time to head over to the Grand Floridian for our reception!

Sorry I don't have pictures in this post but we really were just sick of taking pictures. We also knew that Randy was coming to the reception and that there would be more pictures to be had. Picture overload will continue in my next post though, don't you worry! :)


  1. How fun!!! Love the scavenger hunt idea.

  2. I was so glad my friend helped me out with the pirate map idea... he was so excited and it was fun watching him find the clues and try to guess what his gift was :)