Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Before we get back into our Top Ten Romantic Things to do in Disney World, I am going to participate in Wedding Wednesday with Dragyn Ally. (One of my favorite blogs)

In honor of the Royal Wedding I've decided to countdown my top 5 Disney wedding dresses... not the Alfred Angelo dresses, the actual dresses that Disney princesses have worn.

Number 5 has to go to Minnie Mouse.
She keeps it real, classy, and even includes her signature bow in her ensemble with a bridal twist.

Number 4 goes to Ariel
I love that her dress was modest but also very hip with the times. The Little Mermaid came out in 1989 and look at those puffy shoulders! She was one stylish bride for 1989.

Number 3 goes to Jasmine
Jasmine put her own twist on her wedding dress. There are beautiful gold accents to her dress... just incase you forgot she was royalty. She also used flowers in her hair instead of a tiara, Very pretty!

Number 2 goes to Cinderella
Her dress is 100% class! It reminds me of Grace Kelleys wedding gown when she married the Prince of Monaco. The simple elegance of her gown is absolutely breathe taking.

Number 1 is going to Princess Tiana! Why? Because not only did she wear one AMAZING ball gown but she also got to wear ANOTHER more sultry wedding dress at the end of the movie.

I Loved that her first wedding dress was green. I contemplated wearing a pink wedding dress but was eventually talked out of it. Tiana's green dress was stunning and it's one of my favorite dresses ever! If I was a little girl you KNOW i'd be wearing that to the Magic Kingdom!

Her second wedding dress, was a slimmer fitting gown that kept with the green accents. This dress goes back to that simple elegance that I love, yet with beautiful accents like her crown.

Well there you have it! My top 5 Disney princess wedding gowns! I am so excited to see what Kate Middleton's wedding gown is going to look like and I hope it is just as amazing as the Princesses on my list.


  1. AH! LOVE IT. I may have to participate in it myself! And do my top 5! ;D

  2. Yes!! Do It!!!! Wedding Wednesday has been so much fun!