Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moving forward...

I hope you all enjoyed the wedding recap! I have to confess that I'm kind of excited now that its over. I do get post-weding blues from time to time, but like every major life event once it's over it's time to move forward.

Moving forward with Making My Fairy Tale has been my ultimate goal. I didn't want my blog to just be about the wedding and then have it end. This blog gives me a reason to continue doing what I love (writing) and it is motivation to keep my life as positive (and Fairy Tale like) as possible.

I have ideas on a few things I'd like to try. It's going to be a work in process until I find my groove but I am completely motivated and dedicated to Making My Fairy Tale and it's success. My mind is racing with ideas and all I need to do now is write them down. So stay tuned for life updates, future travel plans, fun articles, and all things Disney Newlywed related!

I hope you all stick with me and will help me find my niche in the blogging world.  Thank you in advanced for all of your support and encouragement!


-Katie Z


  1. Such a beautiful wedding with so many memories to last a lifetime! Can't wait to see what you blog about next!

  2. Thank you Meghan! I have lots of tricks up my sleeve for this blog! I'm hoping I can keep my fans happy :)

  3. Good luck making all your dreams come true!! :) I'm sure it's going to be amazing!