Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top Ten Romantic Things to do in Disney World (2 of 10)

Top Ten Romantic Things to do in Disney World

2.) Boat Rentals 

Where: The following resorts at WDW all have marinas where you can rent boats. Beach and Yacht Club, Caribbean Beach Resort, Contemporary Resort, Port Orleans, The Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness, Old Key West Resort, Coronado Springs, and Down Town Disney Marketplace.

How: When renting the smaller Sea Raycer boats or the pedal boats, you can walk right up to the marina and rent them. The going rate for a Sea Raycer is 30$ for 30 minuets, 40$ for 45 minuets, and 45$ for 60 minuets. The pedal boats are 6.50$ per half hour.  For the Specialty Cruises you call the Disney Recreation line and make the reservation. The going rate for most of the specialty cruises depend on the amount of people you have with you. (From what I read)

Why: In terms of romance, renting the Grand One Yacht for a specialty fireworks cruise is almost always mentioned.
I mean look at her! She's a beautiful boat and renting her for a romantic evening would be spectacular. But if you're like Adam and I, you probably can't fathom the idea of spending the $520 per hour to rent her. If you are looking to "Wow!" a loved one or to do something special for a "grand gathering" and can split the cost, then absolutely go for it!

For us "regular" folk I have another idea for some nautical romance!
Ok, Ok, I know what you're thinking... In comparison to the Grand One it doesn't look all that romantic, but let me reassure you that you'd be surprised! Adam and I have rented these so far on two of our trips. Once out of Old Key West, and most recently from the Polynesian. Both times were simply amazing! Renting from Old Key West put us on track to drive by Down Town Disney, Saratoga Springs and Port Orleans. It was a great get away from the crowds and it was nice to be alone tother floating around. We got to check out resorts that we never had explored before and we got a great ocean view of Down Town Disney.

When we rented one from the Polynesian we were put in an even more romantic mood. I thought that it was just because we were on our honeymoon but after reviewing the film (Yes I videoed our nautical excursion) I noticed that the scenery we were looking at was absolutely brilliant. To better prove my point I made my first movie on IMoive! Enjoy! (p.s. please excuse my rookie attempt at movie making)

I hope you enjoyed my little film. (Please hold the applause) Renting the sea raycers are a great way to spend time alone together and also get a new perspective on WDW.


  1. By luck, I went on a fireworks cruise one night and got to see Holiday Wishes and it was amazing!! I would totally agree that the boat rentals are super romantic as well as super fun. I'm always nervous about renting the smaller ones...some of those people out on the water drive crazy.

  2. i agree again! we did a wishes cruise, and we had a great boat driver. he took us around the lake, showing us discovery island, river country and gave us some great other facts about the monorail resorts...we had a wonderful view of the fireworks with some snacks and champagne...super romantic! ( you can call dining or concierge at the resort you are using and they cna se up the champagne)