Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Romantic Things to do in Disney World (1 of 10)

As a Disney fan, Disney bride, and Disney newlywed I get questions from people like, "How can you say Disney is romantic? There are kids everywhere!" or "What do you suggest I do to bring some romance into my vacation?" I have always thought of Disney as being romantic so it's nothing out of the ordinary for me. When I was little I saw movies like "The Little Mermaid" and "Sleeping Beauty" where the thought of Prince Eric or Philip rushing to their princess was the ultimate romantic fantasy. Now as an adult (and I use that term loosely) I see it as something so much more. I have found my prince charming and we always keep the romance going on our Disney trips. My next ten posts will be my top ten romantic things to do in Walt Disney World. I know that other blogs and podcasts have done similar segments but I feel they left a few of the good ones out. Plus it's always good to get other opinions right?

Top Ten Romantic Things to do in Disney World

1.) Carriage Rides through Fort Wilderness or Port Orleans Riverside

Where: You can do these private carriage rides at both Fort Wilderness and Port Orleans. We did ours at Fort Wilderness and we loved it. 

How: You can reserve a carriage ride by calling Disney's recreation line. It's basically the same as making an ADR. The going rate for a carriage ride is 45$ for 25mins.

Why: Imagine riding in a carriage on a dirt country road. Wildlife is all around you. You hear birds chirping and see bunnies hopping about. The woods are so lush and green, with Spanish moss hanging low off of the branches. You have a glass of wine in your hand, a cozy warm blanket over your lap, and you're all cuddled up with you honey.  All the while the sun is setting and twilight is falling. 

How romantic is THAT!? 

I guess I'm partial to the carriage rides because Adam proposed to me on one at Fort Wilderness on our November 2008 trip. Honestly if we didn't get engaged it still would be on my list! It was one of the most romantic things I've ever done. We went to Fort Wilderness a bit early and grabbed two glasses of wine at the Meadow Snacks Bar window. If it's just the two of you get a nice glass of wine for the ride, if you're going to be with the kiddos maybe get a hot chocolate (if its cold) or some lemonades (if its hot).  

I can't speak for the carriage ride through Port Orleans, but the one through Fort Wilderness was very private. You first go through the campgrounds and then on this trail through the woods. We saw a whole family of deer and a group of bunnies hopping around. Obviously the family of deer was an added bonus to our carriage ride and I can't guarantee that it'll happen for you. It was an awesome experience and extremely romantic. 

At Fort Wilderness

At Port Orleans