Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I love both football and futbol!

Since I had an amazing thing happen to me I thought I would share with you my other love in life. I have been, and always will be a soccer fan!

As a kid I played soccer up until I was 15. I was on a division 1 travel team and we were pretty darn good! When I got into high school my love for music outweighed my love of the sport and I decided to stick with band. As much as I cherish my band memories I still wish I played soccer.

Anyway, I was never into the MLS clubs because, well they weren't advertised and I honestly didn't know they existed. In 2006 I fell in love with the sport all over again during the world cup in Germany. I was a waitress in college at the time and spent most of my time watching the games at the bar in-between orders.

In 2010 I anticipated the world cup again. That year it took place in south Africa. I remembered how much I enjoyed the 06 world cup and I taped every game, downloaded the world cup widget to my work computer so I could get constant up dates, you name it I did it! The USA team did pretty well in that world cup and the commentators were discussing how the MLS was really gaining popularity in the states.

After the world cup ended I decided I couldn't wait another four years to see some soccer! I started watching the MLS games... Specifically my team! The new England revolution!

While its definitely not the same as the world cup, i thoroughly enjoy it! I watched every game last season. However, my issue with watching the games, and even the world cup for that matter, is that I'm usually watching alone. Nobody likes it here in the USA! Atleast nobody I know! Somewhere there is a disconnect here, so many kids play soccer and we have a term referring to "soccer moms" but at some point we forget it. And I don't understand it.

Either way let me share with you my amazing thing.... I met the vice president of the new England revolution!!! He was super nice and we talked a lot about the team, games, ect. One of the best things about the MLS and everyone involved with it is their love of the game and the amazing people they all are. During so many games last season I saw ads for revolution children's soccer camps or charitable events. This league is so approachable and appreciative of its fans! That's not to say others aren't but I think there is something to be said about a sport that is not as popular as others still reaching out into the community.

I will be seeing the VP again soon and I'm looking forward to talking with him again. It was awesome having that conversation with someone. This year I am definitely going to make it to foxboro stadium to see them play, even if I do have to go alone! I wouldn't mind meeting some other die hard revolution fans :)

Do you watch soccer? Why or why not? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



  1. That is really cool! Always neat to meet someone who shares your interests, especially if they have something invested in it. :)

    I really don't watch soccer. I prefer good old American football. Our school had a soccer team when I was growing up, but I never did play. I just never did get into it for some reason.

    I guess I can't say that I don't watch any soccer, though. Our son has played soccer for a few years, although he isn't this year (he chose football instead, as this was the first year he could play that). And our friends' son plays a lot of soccer, and we have been to some of his games, too.

    I suppose the reason I like football better is because of the organization of the game. The teams line up and run plays. Soccer often seems like too much back-and-forth to me.

    But that is just me. Since you asked. :)

  2. It really was! He got me very excited for this upcoming season!

    I guess I can understand why you feel the way you do about the sport. For me, I played it, o I understand what all the positions are and what they are doing... for someone who never played I can see how it looks very back and forth... but then again basketball looks very back and forth to me too!

    When the 2014 world cup is on you should give it a shot! Its going to be in Rio!!! Brazil is going to be crazy!! :)