Thursday, January 5, 2012

Treadmill fail!!

**WARNING : I'm going to be ranting**

Ugh seriously I hate the gym in January! For the past year I have been a member at my local planet fitness. I wasn't training for anything, just keeping myself toned and doing the machines to get rid of my flabby arms. But now I really want to train and do cardio to get in shape enough to run in Disney. I walked into the gym today and every single treadmill taken... No lie! Normally this Planet Fitness gym is pretty quiet. Never have I ever walked into this place to find all of the treadmills being used.... Except.... This time last year.

I have no problem with people using the new year as motivation, I mean I am doing it myself with this whole running thing. What I DO have a problem with, however, is the fact that I saw a group of teenage girls in full make up and hair perfectly curled walking on treadmills together looking at each others cell phones... I'm guessing updating their facebook. Then a couple treadmills away I watched a middle aged women walking on the treadmill talking on her cell phone... walk around you house while you talk on your phone! These are the people who are only going for the next few weeks just to say that they tried to keep their new years resolutions. So for the next few weeks I'll deal with the crowds and hope the people who aren't serious ween themselves out of my gym.

Since I had no other choice I hit the elliptical. I wanted to see how far I could go in half an hour. I kept my heart rate up over 175 the entire time, and I went 2.72 miles in the 30mins. I did the math and I did a mile in 11.03mins. Better than the 12mins the other day. Although I know running on a treadmill and doing the elliptical is totally different I felt like I did push myself and I felt some what accomplished. I'm hoping to get to the gym EARLY Saturday morning and beat the rush. Fingers crossed I can find an open treadmill when I get there!

How is everything going with your new years resolutions? Are you sticking to them? Let me know! Maybe we can all keep each other motivated through out the year!

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