Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twice Charmed, Grand Cayman, and Palo!

Happy Saturday morning guys! I'm going to be working on a few posts for next week including one about the Disney Institute lecture that I went to but I want to devote more time into them and this weekend is alittle busy. Perfect time to share some more pictures, and stories about our Disney Cruise! Enjoy!!

Adam and I chose to do second dining. This means that every night we see whatever the first show is that night, and then head to dinner after. We normally aren't late eaters but this worked perfectly for us and we will be doing second dining again next cruise. 

We got all dolled up and headed to go see "Twice Charmed". This is the story of what happens after cinderella marries prince charming. It was an amazing show and if you ever get the opportunity to check it out I strongly recommend it! I was funny, great effects, and the cast was phenomenal!

Sorry for the bad editing but it was the only way to brighten up the picture. And I swear I'm not naked I as wearing a strapless dress.

Here we see Cinderella in her wedding dress, and Lady Tremaine (step mother) leaving the castle. 

Here is where we met Franco, the evil step mother and step sisters fairy godfather!

A black and white ball for the Step sisters to try and win back Prince charming

When all was right in the world the ball changed back to color which was awesome!

After dinner we went back into our room and found not one, but TWO towel creations. Oh of which was a fun sea turtle made with the pillow, extra blanket, towels, and Adam's sunglasses. The other creeped us out a bit... We had an angel hanging from a clothes hanger over our bed. Take from it what you will... I found it odd and so did our cruise buddies.

Anyway the next morning I was up early and went to do some exploring. We were anchored at Grand Cayman and the tender boats were all ready circling back and forth from the boat to the island. I decided to go do some exploring around the ship since everyone was either in line for the tender boat or still sleeping. 

Tender boat... a little rickity if you ask me

The Carnival cruise ship that was following us 

Grand Cayman

The pirate excursion boat... wish we did that excursion! It looked like so much fun!

The entrance into the Walt Disney Theater

I loved these! they were all over the ship, little TVs that showed where you were, what time it was, what course we were moving in, and where we had been. very cool!

I am sure you've all seen this chandelier either on TV or on the ship but it is just spectacular! Words and pictures do not do it justice!

After I got Adam up and ready to go we headed for the tender boats and were on our way to shore.

Look at how pretty our ship is!

More Grand Cayman

We found another couple from our boat that looked as lost as we were and asked if they'd like to share a cab to get over to seven mile beach. They said sure and we found the least scary looking one. Once we got there we found a spot to put our stuff and I was so excited to try swimming in water that doesn't make you go numb that I dove right in!! Adam was yelling at me because he was afraid of jelly fish and sharks but once he was in he understood why I didn't want to get out!

Look at how blue!

Our ship in the distance

While swimming we saw some nasty storm clouds coming our way. We thought they were pretty far off shore until there was some serious thunder and lightning. We left the water grabbed our stuff and headed into a restaurant for some lunch.It was a good thing we did because within seconds of getting a table under the patio it was pouring, windy as hell, and thunder and lightning everywhere!

Adam was starting to feel better thank goodness! I think the ocean water did him good!

Palm trees being violently blown around

We waited out the storm and when it started to lighten up we grabbed the next cab and headed back to the ship.

On the tender boat

Bye Grand Cayman!

All I kept thinking was... I need dry clothes!!!

It was only early afternoon when we got back to the ship and everyone was still on the island... Adam took advantage of that and hit up the jacuzzi!

That night we had dinner reservations for PALO. This place was incredible! the food was delicious and they serve one of my favorite wines, Rosa Regale!!!

There's my Rosa!


Thank goodness for that shawl... I was freezing! too much AC!

Doesn't he clean up nice!

Loved this!!! whoever did it needs a medal or something!

That night we went back to our room and were surprised with my favorite towel animal... my Rock Lobstah!!!!


  1. On both of our previous cruises, we have had the second dinner seating, which has worked out well for us, too. I think the late dinners make it hard for those with young kids, but we never have taken ours with us. :)

    Never have made it to Palo. Yet. Maybe later.