Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Surviving my holiday hangover with Walt

Hey guys,
This it my first attempt at a blog post from my phone so bear with me :)
I feel like I have a major holiday hangover. I'm totally exhausted, my sleep pattern is all kinds of warped, and I just ache all over. Anyone else feel this way after the holidays? If you do, what helps get you out of it and back to your normal routine quickly? I feel like I should be back on track by now...

Anyway since I am exhausted I decides to crawl into bed and enjoy one of my Christmas presents from Adam. He bought me the Walt Disney biography I wanted. It is called "Walt Disney: an American original " and its by bob Thomas. I asked around and heard from multiple people that, of all the Disney biographies ,this was the best. I'm only about three chapters in but so far I've learned some very interesting facts about my hero Walt.

Once I'm done with the book I'm hoping to write a full fledged grade school book report/review for your reading pleasure :)

Have any of you read any biographies about Walt, the nine old men or anything Disney history related? What would you recommend? I would love to hear your thoughts and reviews!

Off to do more reading and catch some shut eye!



  1. I'm almost done reading "The Vault of Walt" by Jim Korkis, it's not so much a biography as a series of anecdotes and stories from the people who knew and worked with Walt. Some are personal, some relate to films and the parks. It's really interesting and you get to read some things that are probably left out of many of the "traditional" biographies.

  2. Good to know!! Thanks for sharing!! I'm really into biographies and historical books about great people in history. I have a big list that I want to read. I'll make sure to add that to it :)